Immersion Program – Through the Lens

Hey guys!

Sorry for this late update. After I landed back home, I was busied with a ton of homework and tests stocked by the teachers. I also can’t stop reconsidering my concept for this post, so much that I wasted my time doing it. But here it is now, the post I promised… my immersion program story! I think this story is best enjoyed through photos and photos… and PHOTOS! So here it is… the immersion program story, transcribed in photos (and some text).

Yeah… the glowing us make us look like evil freaks here. Hahaha. The girls looked all ready to rock, the boys… yeah, were you guys still sleepy? This is the entire fleet of 8F and 8G people going to Singapore. Taken from Sir Andi’s photo album, edited by me using PhotoScape.

Would you believe that it was 4.30 AM when we took this photo and that we got up at 2 AM? Kecha look the freshest here. πŸ˜‰

My first shots of Singapore. Nope, I didn’t edit anything. It’s amazing to see things that you usually only see on TV or in pictures actually being there, right in front of your eyes.

Me, Cisca, and Kecha in front of the Universal Studios globe. Just like every other tourist, we took pictures here.

Charlie Chaplin was hilarious! When we took our pic with him, he asked Kecha to hold his suitcase then walked away. We were like ‘whaaaat?’ and suddenly he does that thing in the second picture. Awesome! He’s totally in character. (y)

This was taken after our pic with Charlie Chaplin. Suddenly, Betty Boop walked by and we asked for a photo. Betty : “Alright, but you have to do what I do, OK?”. Β πŸ˜‰


OK, I totally forgot this character’s name. He looks like Joker, though. Oh, and I was first to do the ‘rock n roll’ sign. He copied me! Hahaha.

Woody Woodpecker asked me to dance with him. I was overjoyed.

When Woody met his girlfriend, it was the cutest thing in the world. They hugged in front of our eyes! That was the cutest thing in the world! Awww… We took pictures and became the newest members of the Woodpecker family.

This roller-coaster has a deck underneath it. I stood there and took a picture. This roller-coaster looked thrilling… and scary.

The clouds made this castle looked like it came from a fairytale. Amazing…

It started pouring there so we all huddled in front of Hershey’s (yeah, a great place to huddle alright). In the midst of the rain, no one wanted to get near the globe. So I captured it, at its glory all by itself. (Y)

Day 2. S’pore Discovery Center. Β I can’t stop trying everything there and pressing every button possible. Oh, that’s me in front of that gigantic color-changing ball (I forgot its name).

Singlish. This language got into me when I came back to Indonesia. It sort of became a trend between the Immersioners (Cella gave us that name). This pic is just one example.

Day 3. We went to Nan Hua High School. That’s me and Oha at the school cafetaria. We were hosted by Class 208 and yeah, they’re really nice to us. Love them!

We went to Ngee An City and of course, shopped! After we came out of the mall, it started pouring. So here it is… Orchard Rd in a downpour.

Day 4. Most tiring day ever. After the last day at Nan Hua High (I miss the students there…), we went to Chocolate Gallery, Chinatown, and the Merlion at Marina Bay. Here’s my capture of the Esplanade Theater. I really wish I could watch a show there someday…

The Merlion at its best… before it sprouts water at least. I just realized that underneath it is a staircase that leads straight to the Singapore River. No fences, no signs, nothing. Wow…

The Singapore F1 Circuit and the Singapore Flyer. Love the clouds? Nope, they’re not edited. I didn’t edit anything. I was worried that my cell phone would fall into the river when I took this.

Oha told me my hair looked good with all the win blowing. So she captured me from the back, looking at Marina Bay Sands. Felt like I was both on ANTM and one of those elegant-looking women advertising expensive hotels like the one in the pic. Hahaha.

Love this pic? It’s a picture of something-something bridge (I used to memorize Singaporean bridges’ names, but now the memory has evaporated) from underneath the gap in between them. I think it describes how we view something in life, that we shouldn’t be stuck looking from one perspective, but other perspectives too.

The Luge track in Sentosa. After my first ride through the course, I just wanna go back and ride it again. A must-try! The Skyride back was also fun. Highly recommended, folks!

The last day in Singapore! We went to NEWater Visitor’s Centre and had lunch. Then we headed straight to the airport. Here are the 8F and 8G Immersioners in the waiting room at Changi Airport (minus Ardel, Jecil, JJ, Owen, Marcos, and Jovan). Even when we were in the waiting room, we couldn’t stay still. Hahaha.

All I can say is I was enchanted to be in Singapore with the 8F and 8G Immersioners. I learnt how to be more open to other people and how to accept my friends and also to not judge anyone by the first impression. πŸ™‚

That’s all from my Immersion scrapbook. Hope you like it because I worked hard on this. Ciao… πŸ™‚

~ Mary ~


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