Product of Boredom

Note to self : next time you’re bored, take pictures. They might turn out to be awesome.

I call this one “The Loneliness of Mother Matryoshka”. Yes, the doll’s name is matryoshka and it’s (supposed to be) Russian. Mine’s not originally Russian, though. I should really add “original Russian matryoshka” to my wish list this Christmas. Haha.

The Srikandi Wayang puppet is from my dad and the heart balloon is the one I got from Jolly Time Popcorn. Yes, I know it’s extremely late to say “happy Valentine”.

This is my mom’s stamp album. She gave it to me after my 7th grade Christmas holiday and I added some of my own stamp collection.  I love how the album’s divided based on the countries of origin. There’s one section for Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Oman, even USA!

PS : that’s my calculator, the black thing over on the left side. It’s got a whole list of Physics formulas that I haven’t even learned in it. Awesome. 🙂

It’s After Orchard by Margareta Astaman! I like this book, though I haven’t finished reading it. In this book, Margie tells her story of what it’s like to live in Singapore for 4 years. I can’t help but compare some of her experiences to my 5-days stay in Singapore last January.

I highly recommend this book, though her point of view can be a little heavy at times because this book includes a lot life philosophies in it. PS : I like the cover artwork.

So, you’re wondering why I suddenly post all these pictures right? OK, my one-day holiday turns out to be REALLY BORING. I have nothing fun to do and I don’t have any desire to even look at my IT textbook until tonight. By 1 PM, the boredom is beginning to kill me, so I thought of taking pictures of things, just for fun. It turned out to be a pretty good way to spend time.

Oh yeah, all the photos here are captured using my Samsung B3410. I edited them a little bit (auto level, auto contrast, a little touch of bloom) using Photoscape.

Maybe next time I should have a photo session like today’s… using a digital or DSLR camera. 😉


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