Junior Science Fair

Invited to Kalbe’s Junior Science Fair yesterday.

I feel kinda stupid, going here and seeing all these kids compete. When I was their age, I never took part in any major competitions like this. Cheers to them!

Somehow, I love this photo.

Yeah, it’s an inline skating lesson.
They’re musical pipes. Beat them up and they’ll produce music. A good way to let out your anger.
Real-life, human-size snakes and ladders.
Someday you’ll see me on TV in this very same position, revealing the latest news. Just wait and see.
Some irresponsible people left all this junk in the Singapore Science Center’s booth. Unbelievable, this was what they chose to show from Indonesia.
I felt like a weirdo, going to the fair with my camera and snapping pictures since the only people with cameras there were people from TV stations and the committee. Oh well, it was a fun night anyway. Fairs like this should be created every year with more eye-catching attractions and it shouldn’t only be meant for kids, there should be some things that teenagers like me and my friends could enjoy as well.
Hoping next year there would be a science fair for teens.

What do you think?

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