Unimportant Information

  • I’ve got mid-terms coming up tomorrow… and it’s Math. I don’t know if I can pass. Wish me and my friends some luck please.
  • On Wednesday, I have another stupid competition I have to join. Yes, in the middle of the mid-terms week. I think how I feel about this is pretty self-explanatory.
  • I just can’t shake off this feeling of “galau-ness” that I have. Like, all my friends have these new best friends upon entering 9th grade and they’re showing it off…. I feel so awkward and unsociable.
  • I have this crazy idea going through my mind all the time to get out of town for a whole day, with a fake identity with one of my best friends. Just one day, to release all our stress by being somebody else. I’m so tired of being me.

…. There are many more things I want to share here, but they’re way too private. Basically, I’m a mess emotionally and physically and I am so tired of all the pressure everyone puts on me, expecting me to be the best I can be everytime. I’m tired and I need a break from everything and everyone that’s buzzing up my head.

One of these days, I’m gonna crack from all these things. Nuff-said.





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