Yesterday, Esther brought her Cinderella house playset to school. I don’t know what she brought it for but we certainly had a good time with it during Photography, when the teacher was absent. Nobody called to ask anyone to pick them up earlier. We all stayed until 4 PM yesterday and we had a blast… or stress unleash? Not sure. 🙂

Cinderella… and another Cinderella.

Happily ever after

These photos are in no particular order. I mean, the story my friends and I created is entirely different. Ours was Cinderella in 2012 (with meteor showers, earthquakes, and tsunami. Yes, we kinda recreated the movie). We also made a story in which Cinderella can fly. Hahaha.

After we finished writing stories, we started singing and remixing songs in our own style. Basically we were the few left at school yesterday.


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