Living in a world filled with deception and people lying straight to your face all the time, it’s easy to lose faith in humanity, right? And sometimes it just feels like there aren’t anymore kind people in this world. But the truth is kind people still exist. They can show up and inspire you out of the blue and usually, they show up just when you need to regain some faith that you’ve lost.

Today is one of those days when a kind person shows up in my life.

I went home by cab today and I’m suffering from a terrible cold and my only focus for the time period was not to sneeze ever so suddenly in the cab. When I’m finally inside the cab, the driver apologized for parking outside the school area to my mom and then he said “nothing’s left behind, right?” and we said no.

So we took the usual route home and suddenly his phone rang. Before picking it up, he asked for permission to pick up the phone. Seriously, I’ve never met a cab driver who asks for permission to pick up his phone before. He turned the radio down and spoke on the phone in Javanese. I don’t understand the language, but I recognize the word “mass” and figured out that he’s a Catholic, just like me and my family.

After he hung up, he thanked my mom for the permission to pick up the phone. My mom asked, “are you Catholic?” and he proudly said “yes, I am”. I’ve never met anyone with this much pride in his religion before. And then I found out where his church is and then he said the first thing that amazes me : “I go to different churches, depending on where my cab is at the moment. But if I have the time to go to church with my family, I would take them to the church near my house.” He told us where he came from and some sites near his hometown that are perfect for Catholic pilgrimage. That is amazing.

And then my mom who understands some Javanese asks him “is your child sick?” because I think that’s what he was talking about on the phone. He launched into the story, but before spilling his story, he said “I’m not intending to ask for anything, I’m just trying to give the explanation of why I had to pick up the phone just now” and he told us everything : how his year-old child is sick and needed blood transfusion, but blood isn’t as cheap as he thought it would be, how the TV that he wanted to sell to get some money for his child was broken this morning.

What amazes me most is how he ended his story : “Well, this is the consequence of following Jesus, we would have to bear our cross too.” He kept praising God in his story, at the points where he received some help from God. He is such a humble and faithful man that he inspires me.

I can tell by profiling him that what he was saying, they were all real. He actually gave me a new definition of faith today. Faith isn’t going to the church  every Sunday and always participating in those religious rituals and so on and on. Taking part in those rituals are useless if you don’t lay your life in God’s hands. Faith is when you truly believe that God knows best and whatever things you’re going through, you still believe in God and you know that you have to bear the cross. This realization came with another one : if I hadn’t gone through some of the worst in life, I wouldn’t have had this definition of faith and believe that this definition isn’t just some crap. And it’s true, God knows best. He plans the best for your life, even when what’s going on sometimes clouds this perspective.

Today my faith is renewed by God. Not through a preach I hear in church or something like that, but through a cab driver’s story.

PS : this post is by no means a form of fanatic act towards any certain religion. Whatever you believe in, I truly respect that and I encourage you to have faith in whatever you believe in just the same. 🙂



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