Remember Us, Bali – Day 1

Just got back from the last togetherness tour in Bali. The last four days have got to be the the most amazing four days of my life. Good friends, meeting nice people, eating some good food, new experiences and photos, developed friendships. Bali leaves me with too many things saved in my brain.

Day 1

I woke up too early for the trip since my excitement can’t be contained. When I finally met up with my friends at school, it’s never felt that good. I’ve missed my friends so much.

Then we went on the bus which Julius thought was an airplane. Hahaha.

Then we had lunch at Bukit Randu Restaurant.


That was the most awful restaurant I’ve ever been to. Seriously. The service’s really bad and the food’s not that tasty. I mean, seriously, who pushes sauted vegetables after the fruits? Plus, not all the tables get everything that was supposed to be in the menu. If Gordon Ramsay ever went there, I’m pretty sure he’ll slay the cooks.

Then we went to the airport and Julius and Cisca had this debate about Canon vs. Nikon.

The people who went with Batavia had to catch an earlier flight, whereas the ones with Garuda (including me) and Sriwijaya were free to roam the airport for quite some time (especially the ones with Sriwijaya, since their flight was delayed). Anyways, the flight there was awesome. I sat with Julius and Cisca and they were the best. My ambitions to capture the fluffiness of the clouds during a flight was finally achieved, by the way.

Read this the way Agnes from Despicable Me says it : IT’S SO FLUFFY! Seriously, the view from above was fantastic. The last time I went to Bali I was fighting not to throw up on the plane since the weather’s horrible.

When we arrived we got those flower necklaces. Yes, they smelled nice!

Then we had dinner at Nyoman Cafe in Jimbaran.

Notice how the sky’s color was changing?

My experiment of the evening : bokeh photos.

 We had a seafood platter for dinner and as I’m not a huge fan of fish, I only ate the squid satay and roasted shrimp. I have to be honest that it wasn’t as tasty as I’d hoped.

After dinner, while waiting for the people who chose Sriwijaya to arrive, we played at the beach, even though it was already night time. Yes, there’s no feeling quite like walking barefoot on a beach at night.

More bokeh.

We (Tania, Cisca, and I) bought this glow stick propeller thingy for 10.000 Rupiah after bargaining with the seller (yes, we were so “cipe”)… only to have it fly into the ocean during our second time playing it.

Buried our feet in the damp sand. Getting out of the sand felt like being a mud monster.

A masterpiece by Tania the sand artist. We had to pull her away from the beach or she will never stop drawing.

Yes, it was a candle-lit dinner.

Since most of me and my friends are single, after the dinner while the candles were still lit, we started singing love songs together. From “How Do I Live”, “My Love” and so on. Then Arman gave us some “swag coaching” using Ceha’s sunglasses. We laughed the night off and then checked in at the hotel (All Seasons Hotel — best hotel we’ve ever got on a school trip). While some people were still wide awake, my roommates and I (again, Tania and Cisca) fell asleep almost immediately.

Be sure to catch the next post about the second day of our trip! 🙂


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