Remember Us, Bali – Day 2

Day 2

I couldn’t sleep that night since there were three of us crammed in a double bed with one not-so-huge blanket and it was super cold and I didn’t get the blanket. So I woke up before the morning call.

Breakfast was…. yadda yadda. I mean, there’s nothing super special about the menu or anything. Had a vegetarian turmeric fried rice plus a bowl of cereal. In fact, everyone got second helpings for breakfast.

Despite a rough start, day 2 was super amazing! First we went to RAI Water Sports and Dive Center to play in the sun. I was contemplating whether to join the water sports or not since I can’t exactly swim. But then the guide promised not to shove us underwater so I took the chance… and it was worth it.

I was seriously addicted to banana boat, holding on tightly and everything, screaming at the top of my lungs along with Jows, Tania, Cisca, Julius. Man, the adrenaline rush every time our boat hits a huge wave or something is addictive.

Due to that adrenaline rush, I just said yes without thinking when Tania, Cisca, and Jows were asking if I wanted to join them riding the flying fish. That adrenaline rush made me let go of my 150 thousand Rupiahs for the sake of the thrill. That adrenaline rush made me wait on the beach to get to the flying fish.

Then all of a sudden, that adrenaline rush faded away and I was like “what the hell am I doing?” in my head.

I started overthinking about my safety. I mean, if I fell, how the hell was I supposed to swim in the sea? So what made me go on? The thought of not wanting my money (especially that much) to go to waste. Yes, very “thoughtful”, I know.

So, with the thought of not wanting to waste the money I joined Cisca, Jerjo, and Lois for the ride. Jerjo and Lois were up first and Cisca and I had to ride the speedboat and we’ll make the switch in the middle of the ocean.

Riding a speedboat was… indescribable. I screamed, and screamed some more, and some more. The tides were high and we were basically jumping around the sea in high speed and turned sideways at high speed. How do movie stars do those action movie chases during speedboat while standing up? Sitting down was horrible, let alone standing up!

Anyway, after an insane boat ride, we finally made the switch, jumping off the boat to the flying fish. When we weren’t flying, it felt like getting a massage to the back since the tides were bumping to our backs directly. And then we started lifting from the sea and soaring above the ocean and I just knew right then that no matter how expensive it was, the flying fish was worth it. The view was amazing from above. And the thrill of soaring into the sky was amazing.

Lesson of day 2 : if you’d never given in to any form of adrenaline rush, you’ve never been alive. So take some chances and just go for it.

After the adrenaline rush, we headed to Turtle Island on a glass-bottomed boat. But the glass bottom was quite pointless since there was nothing to see. On my last trip to Bali we saw fishes and corals and all. Now we have nothing to see. Noted : take care of the ocean!

Anyway, Turtle Island has changed. It’s now commercialized and I hate it when a place that was so pure became commercialized. Now we have to pay to enter, when the last time I went there, the fee was voluntary. There were many “abang-abang” sitting around there right now. Those baby turtles aren’t conserved, they were commercialized. The visit there was a big disappointment for me.

The last three animals were far more commercialized. The bat was stretched from its afternoon sleep just so tourists can take a good photo with it. The eagle was only let out so people can take photos with it. And the poor lizard is bounded to a tree for who knows how long for display purposes. I’m so disappointed at how commercialized this island’s become. Seriously.

The trip to Turtle Island made me so dizzy after spending the day at sea. I felt like the waves were still around me and I would be trampled by them any moment soon. Lunch at RAI’s restaurant didn’t make me feel better neither does playing UNO with my buds. Fortunately the trip to the next destination gave me some rest.

After lunch, we headed to the Bajra Sandhi Monument which was located at the site where people fought to their deaths in the Independence War. It was an hour away from the water sports area, which meant a nap. An hour’s worth of nap was fantastic. The entire bus fell asleep and it was super silent.

But the destination was again, a big disappointment. The guide promised us a history lesson which would be quite nicer than what we got. We went out of the bus, took photos for like 5-10 minutes, and went away again.

The monument. I had high expectations to enter the monument, but apparently when we got there, it was closed.

Anyway, despite the almost useless visit, I’m really thankful for the light. That time of day provides awesome light, thus producing awesome photos. The photos there were super splendid!

After the visit to the monument, we went to the highlight of the day : an evening on a bounty cruise! I was most stoked about this event above all the stuff we were scheduled to do in Bali.

The ship was awesome.

So this is how they got the food into the ship, using a bajaj. Quite laughable.

Once we went on board, we got this welcome drink (orange mixed with guava juice) and tapas (tiny garlic bread with little slices of tomato on it) and went to the topmost deck : the one with the bar and the DJ. The music was throbbing, the view was amazing, the people around me were fantastic. As I said that day to Julius : life has never been better.

No, this is not a shooting star nor a comet. It’s a training plane.

After the clubbing deck got boring (seriously, people randomly dancing to head-crushing music is so not my thing), I went down to the second deck to have dinner and played UNO (made a promise with some of my fellow single people to let the couples enjoy the evening whereas we’d play UNO together).

My mood was later ruined by someone’s behavior (Gladys and Julius would know), but after a nice talk on the clubbing deck (yes, the clubbing deck has a nice, quiet spot to talk), a hug with them, and a performance by a comedic magician, we headed back down to enjoy the night.

Turns out that the second deck was already transformed into a musical deck. The home acoustic band were on stage and we were all singing along to songs that we knew. Even the teachers joined us.

That night was so magical. We sang until we can sing no more, clapped until our hands were so sore we couldn’t clap anymore, danced and swayed and hooted and hollered along to every song, swayed to the beat. It was such a magical night and my friends and I were all together and it was just… the best night of my life. It was fantastic.

When we had to finish the cruise, it felt like losing such a wonderful thing. We were all smiling and still singing as we were getting off board. That was a night I would keep forever in my mind.

Hey, I was too busy enjoying the night, I even forgot to take pictures!

After a wonderful night, we ended the night by shopping at Krisna — with drowsy eyes and a tired physique. I was so sleepy I didn’t even know what I took, I just grabbed what I felt I should grab and went to the check-out counter. The result is now I’m wearing an oversized shirt that I bought there — and it’s hot pink! I grabbed an orange, red, and shocking green one for my family and now it’s our most awkward family uniform ever. And I wasted my money on a not-so-tasty snack. Oh well… I regret nothing!

Anyway, day 2 was about taking risks and enjoying life, I guess. From taking on a speedboat ride, to enjoying life on a cruise ship, to shopping with little consciousness. Day 2 was a reminder for me to be alive, I guess.


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