Remember Us, Bali – Day 4

Day 4

Our last night in Bali was tearful, alright. But when we got to midnight, our laughter was back. I heard people singing “Happy Birthday” outside my hotel room at midnight and I remembered that Marmut’s birthday would be on our last day in Bali. Then why were they singing “Happy Birthday” already? And then it hit me like a brick hit my head… it was midnight, already!

My roommates and I ran outside and started singing and laughing. Everything was cool until Arman showed up with his wardrobe malfunction (purple tee, pink shorts) and we started laughing at him instead.

After very little sleep, we got started on our last day in Bali.

As it was our last day in Bali and we got up quite early, my roommates and I decided to take time off and enjoyed the view from our balcony. It was just an empty field when we saw it on the first night but in the morning air, it was fantastic. The Hindu people doing their morning prayer accompanied with gamelan was our background sound that morning. We saw how Balinese start their day having a house near our balcony. And hey, when we looked far enough, we could see the coast!

Lesson of the day : sometimes you just gotta take some time off and really take a closer look at what you’ve got. Who knows, it might be enjoyable.

After the usual morning stuff, breakfast and checking out and so on, we boarded our bus and went to see the Barong and Kris dance show.

The story was about the battle between Barong and Rangda which each represent good and evil. There were also parts of the story that talk about forgiveness and sacrifice and humanity/inhumanity. Long story short, the story describes how the battle between good and evil is never over.

After the show, we went to Discovery Mall which was right in between Waterbom and Kuta Beach and had lunch there (just a simple fast-food meal by KFC, nothing much).

And then off we went to the airport.

A little rant about our journey in the airport:

Ngurah Rai International Airport has an awesome arrivals section. But the departure section was quite horrible. It was so crammed, with long queue and only two security check stations and it was quite dirty for an international airport at a favorite tourist destination. And then Garuda Indonesia’s check-in service was annoying that day. I’m still kinda pissed off so I don’t wanna talk about it here.

One awesome thing about the flight : the aircraft was an Airbus! A freaking Airbus!

I’ve never been in an Airbus before.

It was huge! The entertainment system was retractable and it has more controllers than Boeing. The seating arrangement was 2-4-2. I was placed next to Julius (such a huge relief that it’s my best friend next to me. Cisca was placed next to a man who wouldn’t stop picking his nose!) and Cisca was in front of me.

The time taken for landing was super long since the plane went round and round in the air waiting for the ATC’s permission to land and when we were approaching land, Julius (who plays Flight Simulator a lot) said that it was still too fast to land. But thank God, nothing bad happened.

We were greeted by Jakarta’s traffic jam (this is why I wanna move out of this city sometimes) and arrived at school quite late.

And that was it, our trip to Bali was officially over.

If you’d ask me how I feel about this trip to Bali and the impact it’s made, I’d write you an essay about it. The trips brought so much development to old friendships, so much renewal to the broken ones, and revelations and closure to open issues among us. And that for me is much more priceless than the places we went along this trip.

And this trip and all the impact it’s made is way more than enough for me. 🙂


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