Class of 2012

I have officially graduated from SMPK 4 Penabur after completing three years’ worth of studying there.

Anyway, I won’t be posting any photos from the graduation event itself here since Sonny’s auto focus is somehow going nuts and I had to use auto focus for quick photos. Looking at the photos discourages me when I see that they are mostly blurry.

Back to the main topic. I honestly can’t believe that I’m no longer a junior high student. I will soon be wearing a grey skirt instead of navy blue and this brings me to the thought… life moves so fast.

It feels like it was just yesterday that we were starting our senior year and although we know graduation is coming, we still think it’s something quite far away from our reach. Yet now here we are, hats off with a medal around our neck and a certificate to say we’ve graduated.

Graduation will always be a happy/sad thing. It’s joyful in a way that it will lead us to new chapters in our life and we’ll be going somewhere new. But it’s sad in a way that we would have to leave what we’re comfortable with, the friends that have always been there, and a place that’s been something like a safety ground so we can get to that new chapter.

But no matter how much I’d like to avoid this bittersweet thing, it is inevitable. If I never go through this, then my life would be stuck in the same place forever and that would be more horrible than going through a change. Life must go on.

“See I’m trying to find my place and it might not be here where I feel safe.” (Paramore – Misguided Ghosts)

Junior high’s been some sort of safety ground for me because everyday I would go to school and do the same things with the same people and you can’t deny that that’s been sort of comforting. But as much as I wish to, I have to go and start over. Write new stories and fill them with new characters. Again, change is inevitable, as much as we want to avoid it.

Since it’s time to change and move on to senior high, I’d like to thank each and every one of the teachers for the past 3 years, for every compliment and critique, for every time you brought us down and made us get back up, for every assignment I’ve complained about, for putting us through some sort of hell (especially in this semester) only to sit in the sidelines as we take in the amazing impact “hell” has made to our lives. I respect you all.

Many thanks to my friends as well, especially the family of 9FG. We’ve been such a tight group and now it’s time to go separate ways. But you can never break a bond like we have. We are family, friends. You can never break families. You all have made such a huge impact in my life. Thank you for being there through the tears and laughter, supporting me in every competition and in everything else I do. Thank you for endlessly being people I can count on. I love you all so much. 9FG, to infinity and beyond!

Class of 2012, muchas gracias amigos! Te quiero! This is not an occasion to say hasta la vista, but hasta luego. Not goodbye, but see you. 🙂


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