Love Is (Not) Blind

Alright, something about Indonesia is really bothering me these days. It is the so-called “love” the people now have for the country. Yeah yeah, you might think what’s so wrong about loving your country. But this “love” that I see and hear is a blind one. Confused?

Well, an example would be when an Indonesian band collaborates with an international band on a music video. I read the comments and most of them are made by Indonesians and I just feel like doing a facepalm – no, make that double facepalm. I’m embarrassed to be an Indonesian when I see those comments.

To be honest, I think that the music video is sort of ruined by the Indonesian band in it. I mean, the song’s supposed to be some sort of bittersweet kind of thing, about missing someone and the band can’t act. They looked too happy and way tacky to be in a video about that kind of song. Yes, I’m proud to see our band collaborate with an international star, but looking tacky is just an embarrassment. The international band also made versions of the music video with other artists from all around the world and none of them are as tacky as Indonesia’s version. And many people think along the same lines as me and cared to pour it out at the comments section.

But then our people (yes, Indonesians) would attack the ones who think like that. They’re like “why are you saying that? You should be proud that we get a chance to collaborate with them” or “you can only comment, but you can’t sing like her” and so on and so on. If you know which video I mean, maybe you can scroll down at the comments and feel free to join my facepalm movement. There’s also a comment that says that the international band shot the music video here. But actually, they didn’t. The only shooting done was for our band, the international band’s footages were only edited in.

Anyway, this is what I mean by “blind love”. Those users who lash on others who have different opinion are “blind” about the whole thing. I mean, it’s definitely OK to show some love and pride for the chance to be edited into the music video, but if it’s not exactly nice or anything, then wouldn’t it be better if someone gives the advice and suggestions and truthful opinion about it? I mean, lashing back is not the answer. Moreover, it shows that our country is filled with anarchists. So you may say you “love” your country but if the only thing you show about your country is the anarchist side, then what the hell is that? That is nowhere near loving your country.

The same goes for the Tor Tor claim incident. Honestly, people are already too provoked to realize that this is just about the misuse of words and wrong vocabulary by the media, even the minister is provoked. You can read here for the full story. The thing is, they’re only gonna enlist it as part of their culture because there is a tribe there that came from Indonesia, but chose to go there. In my opinion, that means the dance belongs to both countries.

What I hate the most is how Indonesians already trash the other country about the whole thing. Again, that shows how easily provoked Indonesians are. Why can’t we put ourselves in others’ shoes and think before we lash out at them? I mean, look at our own culture. Our tribes come from Arab, China and many other countries and we take those traditions and develop them here. What if Arab or China and all decide that we steal their culture, just like we accuse that other country of stealing ours?

The thing is, our country and that country come from the same ancestors so no wonder we’d have the same culture at some points. The difference is the people in that other country truly love their culture and they really take the time to develop it and expose it to the world, whereas our people would only “love” our culture when other countries claim it and we would only expose it when others claim it. So how the hell would people know we have that culture as well?

I’m not saying I hate my country or I’m defending another country by writing all these or whatever. I’m just saying loving our country doesn’t mean being blinded by its weaknesses. I mean, love requires honesty and honesty would mean telling who or what you love that they have weaknesses and giving constructive criticism, right? If we truly love our country, then we have to fix the weaknesses in our country.

One of those weaknesses is how easily provoked we are. So before we choose to tweet or talk about something that is related to our country’s culture being claimed by another country or related to our opinion about another country, double check. Make sure it really is true. Don’t get easily provoked by people who bring our country down by insulting our national pride. That is, if we really care about our country.

So on a final note, love doesn’t mean being blind, instead it requires you to keep your eyes open and fix whoever or whatever you love’s weaknesses.


What do you think?

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