In the Jungle, the Mighty Jungle – Day 2

We kicked off our second day in Bali by having breakfast at a small restaurant in front of a local’s house near our hotel which is called Warung Kampung. That place has such a great ambience, you wouldn’t believe that you’d find such a place among the hustle and bustle of Legian. I can’t find the exact words to describe that place, it’s just that if you want to immerse yourself into the life of Balinese, this is quite a good place.

After a great breakfast, we went to Bali Safari and Marine Park. To be honest, the Safari Park branch in Bali is so different compared to the one in Cisarua that I’ve visited quite a lot — in a good way, that is. The park in Bali is better organized, much cleaner. They have more variety of shows and awesome stuff than the one in Cisarua. The track that they used for the journey also gives more variety. One more awesome thing : the journey through the park is only allowed to be taken by the tram the park provides, not our own private cars. This means… no traffic inside the park and we’d stop at every animal’s area, plus we’d get a guide to explain some facts about the animals. Sweet!

Notice the leopard?

The entrance to Bali Agung theater inside the park.

My sister actually rode one of these.

I honestly didn’t know a honey bear is really this adorable.

The zebra on the right is actually named Julius.

After exploring the park, we went to see the highlight of the day : Bali Agung show staged in the Bali Agung Theater in the park. That was my first time watching a real live Broadway-ish performance and I have to say, it was a great new experience. And just like a major play, we weren’t allowed to bring our cell phones and cameras into the theater. For more info and the story of the play, you can click here.

My impression of the show? It was spectacular! Watching it, I honestly couldn’t believe I was in Indonesia. The stage, the lighting, the props changes, the animals, the effects, the choreography, the acting – they were all perfect. The only thing that brought me back to the fact that I was in Indonesia was the narrator’s accent. But seriously, that was the first time I watched something Indonesian and was proud to be one. Props to the entire cast and crew for a flawless show!

After a very spicy lunch at Lawar Bali Kartika (which was so spicy, I shivered), we ended our day by taking a trip to Discovery Mall. Since the last time I went there I was given such a short amount of time to explore the area of the mall I didn’t even get to go its “backyard beach”, we went there this time. The sun had already set and there was an Australian couple next to me having burger while looking at the ocean. There were beachfront restaurants lining up the area and there were couples having dinner or walking hand-in-hand. And I… was single.

But whether you’re in a relationship or not, you can always enjoy the atmosphere the beach would bring at night. The strong wind tickling your cheeks, the sound of waves that you can’t see, and you might even see stars. Even if you’re alone, you would feel like enjoying that moment.

That day was all about feeling the atmosphere, feeling like time stops at a certain moment and place in your life and you don’t wanna move away from that point. You wish you could stay there forever. And for me, those points when you wanna stop there forever are the points that you should absolutely cherish and play back in your head when you need to. Because when you go back there, time would stop again and you would actually some peace in your heart. At least that’s what I find. 🙂


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