And the Songbirds Keep Singing – Day 4

Day 4 was easily the most hectic one and the one when I was driven nuts due to my BlackBerry not even turning on… and my BlackBerry was almost everything for me on this trip. It held my notes for these posts, my conversations with my friends that also hold some of my spontaneous reactions when I went to a place, and all my Foursquare check-ins to keep track of my entire journey and itinerary. I was freaking out! When I finally came to the conclusion that it won’t be alive for the day, I kept the entire record of the day using pen and paper.

Anyway, the day was all about animals and beaches. We went to Bali Bird Park that day which I believe has developed since the last time I visited which was 7 years ago. The park officers spray antiseptics at the entrance before you move forward and that’s something they didn’t do 7 years ago.

The birds themselves really vary, the diversity being much more vast than it used to be. There were birds of all colors, big and small, some being as tall as a five-year-old, some as tiny as your fists. They are lovable, really and I was glad to see they didn’t look as if they were experiencing stress which is good.


This bird was an attention seeker all the way. I could stay forever looking at his/her antics.

This baby bird is 6 months old. Soon, it will get a bigger cage and when it’s strong enough, it will be allowed to roam around the park freely.

Black swan. Not Natalie Portman, this is the real deal.

Yep, there were bats.

After awhile of wandering around in the open air, there was only one way to go through to the next zones of the park : through this massive dome where birds roam free in that space. It was designated to look like the natural habitats of jungle birds and there were treks around the dome too. Well, since I’m not a huge fan of close contact with animals, I would be lying if I say I loved it. But I think bird-watchers will quite like this.

Looks like a guard on inspection duty.

I was freaking out when this bird surprisingly flew over my head and landed beside me. Lame, I know.

Once we got out of that dome (and I breathed a huge sigh of relief) we moved on to the pond they had for flamingos, ducks, pelicans, and other birds that live both in water and on land.

If anyone knows what this peculiar bird is, please tell me.

Other than bird-watching, we also watched an extremely childish movie in the 4D theater (but I think kids will adore this movie, what with the interesting effects of 4D and all) and some of the bird shows. I think the bird shows could use a lot of improvement in terms of duration and content. I mean, each show only lasts 15 minutes. Seriously, even some of my video projects lasted more than 15 minutes, let alone a bird show. They could also improve how they present the birds. I mean, they are so matter-of-fact about the birds. They only tell the audience what the birds eat, how they hunt, and so on in such a straightforward way. There are much better ways to tell each of the birds’ story, I’m sure.

But I’m completely in love with the peace offered by the setting of one of the shows. Again, I found a place I could go back to in my mind and call “my happy place”.

The set of the show!

Lunch was spent at Bali Starling restaurant inside the park. You can eat with the birds walking around you and if you’re lucky, you’d get to see the special bird show set in the restaurant. But my favorite thing about the restaurant is its menu. They serve everything, from appetizers to dessert. From cream corn soup to a mouth-watering apple pie. However, the one that intrigued me the most was Pinocchio Pizza so that’s what I had.

It was delicious, but I wished for more toppings. And the crusts are really crispy.

After the bird park we went to the park right next to it, still in the same complex, which is… a reptile park. I honestly thought they would release the reptiles in the wild like they do in the bird park. But then I saw that they were behind fences or in cages and I was relieved.

This vine is actually a snake. That’s nature trolling us.

Chubby crocodiles are chubby.

Oh, we also got to see a Burmese python being fed. Well, not exactly a commercial show kind of feeding, but we got to see a chicken pushed into the python’s cage and then get murdered slowly and painfully.

 If you think these photos are harsh, you should see what my dad’s got in his camera.

Honestly, I think the snake is an animal that kills slowly and delights in the suffering of its victim. The more the prey struggles, the tighter the snake would wrap itself around the prey. Now I see why people play dead and make no sudden movements when they see snakes in movies.

The snakes eating process itself is very long and soon became quite a boredom. The python must be savoring each bite since a chicken would be its only meal for a week due to its digestion system taking a long time to fully digest it.

After the snake feeding, we finally went from seeing all these animals and off to Sukowati Art Market. People like me who wouldn’t shop unless the price is cheap would love this place. You can bargain on everything and they sell some good stuff. Although all shops basically sell the same things over and over again, if you take some time exploring the market, you might find some unique items that you might not find at any other shops or anywhere else. Like a bag with zippers and old buttons arranged to form a robot on it that I bought. 😉

Then we went off to Sanur Beach to “watch the sunset”. Well, it was still 3 PM and the sun was still searing over our heads and we were way too early so we 0nly explored the beach.

These pictures are my dad’s, by the way.

Sanur… what can I say? I used to love that beach, seeing all those foreigners canoeing and stuff. But now, it’s littered with Jakartans. “Alays and abang-abang” here and there, swimming on the beach with T-shirts and jeans (and to think they feel cool about that?). It was a filthy beach, the sand no longer soft but filled with trash. There were very few foreigners around (I wouldn’t blame them, who wants to be near “abang-abang”?). Honestly, it didn’t feel like Bali. It felt like I was in Ancol.

We ended up watching those odd Jakartans’ behavior while having grilled corn and hearing the seller drumming his griller while waiting for customers. That seller sure knows how to enjoy himself and he’s a talker. The way he describes Mt. Agung as a place loaded with mischievous monkeys makes me laugh.

 Finally, we ended up going to Kuta for the sunset and it was gorgeous!

After going back to the hotel and re-polish ourselves, we spent Friday night at Moo Moo’s Bar and Grill. That was my first time actually spending Friday night outside (unless you count that one visit to Arabel’s house at Friday night for the sake of making our props for a project).

Despite spending it at a bar, I only drank ice chocolate and ate a fried chicken something which is delicious! It’s chicken fillet topped with melted cheese with french fries. But my favorite part of that night was listening to the live singer there. The guy sounded so much like Phil Collins and he played Stairway to Heaven on guitar. Stairway to Heaven! I tried learning that song and ended up wishing for more flexibility on my left hand.

Overall, it was a fantastic Friday (I can hear Rebecca Black singing that song of hers) and it was fun. As disappointed I was about my BlackBerry and its antics, spending a whole day without that thing is actually quite a good deal. I was actually writing with pen and paper and I need not pull away from the fun to check in on Foursquare, tweet, and so on.

Really, my BlackBerry being completely dead the entire day turned out to be one of the coolest things about the day. I finally had an entirely tech-free day and I’ve realized how dependent I’ve been on technology and how much I’m addicted to BlackBerry, I didn’t fully live in the moment.

I’m not saying technology is a bad thing, but sometimes detaching ourselves from technology can actually take us places and give us new thoughts and ideas we’ve never thought about before.


What do you think?

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