We’re Playing in the Sand – Day 5

Five words to describe today : sand, sea, sun, waves, heat. Yes, we spent the entire day at the beach!

We started our day off at Warung Kampung – again. Seriously, if I could teleport, I would have breakfast here everyday and get back to the usual school stuff afterwards and whenever I feel the need to escape and take some time off, I’d want to teleport here.

Our “beach exploration trip” started with Canggu Beach. This beach might not be too familiar in your ears since this is not a mainstream getaway. Yes, people. The best destinations are often the ones that are not mainstream.

But seriously, this beach is near the popular Tanah Lot yet not many have heard of it. And so, we finally went to a beach that is nowhere near crowded and it felt like having a beach to ourselves.

That beautiful wave…

Canggu Beach is actually a surfer’s beach. I know you surfers would love it. The waves look perfect, as if it would be enough of a “Balinese roller-coaster ride”. And the fun fact about my visit here is my family were the only Indonesian visitors there! And to be honest, a beach with lots of foreigners is better than a beach with lots of locals in terms of cleanliness.

Even though Canggu is a surfer’s paradise, how could I not step on that shoreline and feel the waves wash up to my feet? The water here is surprisingly cold, the exact opposite of the temperature that day. There were some seashells, but not too many. My souvenir for myself from Bali is actually a collection of seashells from each of the beaches I visited so yeaah… I remembered some of the stuff I collected here. And the sand, oh how could I forget that sand? Soft and chummy and all and every time the waves wash my feet, I could feel my feet buried by the sand and the current.

Canggu Beach is beautiful, really. Next time we go to Bali we should stay somewhere nearby, I guess. There are lots of villas built for tourists from Seminyak to Canggu, surrounded by rice fields and beaches, or summarized into one word : paradise.

Our next stop was Pura Taman Ayun, the only stop not related to beaches at all. This is actually the ancient king’s old bathing place, complete with its own fort and temple.

I didn’t enter the temple itself and played around and took random shots with my sister instead. I love the strangely-shaped trees and the ginormous grass field there. I love the random flowers growing there. I love the fact that it’s surrounded by water. And despite the piercing heat, I sort of loved watching the people there. Old couples, photogenic Thai tourists, they’re all interesting to watch. If only they would add some benches, that would be nice.

And then off we went to Geger Beach. We actually had another destination : the Margarana Village, where the Dutch bombed and shot everyone in there in times of war. But apparently, we couldn’t enter due to a certain condition. Plus, the place is creepy. It was empty and well… you can’t deny the fact – that hundreds of people were murdered there, in that one spot –  isn’t creepy in some way.

Geger Beach was a huge, huge disappointment for me. I would like to address the company or person or anyone responsible for building that damn new hotel there. We heard that it was once a beautiful beach. Now, it looked like some sort of abandoned wasteland. There was no access to the beach at all and if there were, it’s a tough field to handle since it would include random obstacles and steep slides. The beach itself and its surroundings, restaurants and all are now filled with cement piles. Seriously, whoever’s building that stupid hotel, stop polluting a good beach.

The sea water may be still pure right now. But we couldn’t enjoy that purity. It was like being so close to something so beautiful but never quite reaching it. That is a horrible feeling, alright. It feels as if this beach is Radiator Springs in Cars. It used to be so lovely and people came over. But now it’s deserted. I am so disappointed at you, developers.

We finally resolved to go to a similar, but more crowded beach nearby : Nusa Dua Beach. It had the similar clear blue sea, but not quite as pure. It has somehow shrunk from the last time I visited.  The sand was definitely much rougher than the one in Canggu and there were many locals. Not as many as the ones in Sanur, but still…

(These pics are my dad’s)

We had lunch at the beach area and for the first time ever, I saw a real writer. An old man, sitting on a chair, overlooking the sea with a beer on his table, holding a pen and paper. I observed him for a while and he looked at the sea one moment and then scribbling something on that paper the next. Of course, that’s a real writer. I wonder what was he writing…

Another companion of ours while lunch were squirrels! We ate next to a tree and there were so many squirrels hopping around there.

My dad wasn’t feeling well that day, so we went back to the hotel. The ladies (as in my mom, sister and I) dipped our feet into the rooftop jacuzzi while looking at the sunset and gossiping.

(Again, this is my dad’s)

We wrapped up our day by tucking ourselves in our blankets while having room service and watching The Expendables.

Overall, this isn’t enough of a “beach exploration trip”, but we really went from place to place and there were feelings related to each. Satisfaction, disappointment, acceptance, and of course, discovery of the unknown. And since that’s what trips are supposed to be about, you could say that this is a trip right? 🙂


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