Science and Socials

In case you don’t know, in Indonesia, for 11th and 12th grade, we need to choose a major to study for our sophomore and final year of senior high : Science or Socials. The thing is, there’s a stereotype that is something like “flowing in the blood” of most Indonesians, that people who choose Science are smarter than the ones who choose Socials, that the Socials classes are all filled “discarded people” or “dumb people”. And this is, of course, wrong.

In truth, like I said, both majors are equal. Both have their own fun and hardships. There is no better major since both are equal. And I really hate seeing people going to the wrong majors (especially people who want to work in the economic or other socials field studying Science) just because of this stereotype.

What’s worse, there are too many parents forcing their kids to do what they want and lots of these parents still have this “Science > Socials” stereotype stuck in their heads. I’ve heard some of my friends who actually like studying the subjects taught in Socials but are forced to go and study Science just because their parents ban them from taking Socials thanks to this stereotype. Thank God, my parents have given me 100% support for me wanting to go to Socials.

So, fellow 10th graders, next year, if we’re lucky enough to pass this year, we’ll need to choose our majors. Choose wisely, make sure you pick the one that : a) has your best subjects, b) you actually like studying, c) will be useful for your future. You’ll spend your final 2 years of school learning subjects in that major and do you want to spend those years studying stuff you hate? Unless you’re a super genius like one of the Biology teachers at my school who chose Socials in senior high but is about to get his Ph.D for Biology, be careful what you choose.

And to the parents, I may not know what it’s like to be a parent, but I know what it’s like to be a kid. And kids, no matter how old we are, hate it when too much pressure is exerted on us to become people we don’t wanna be. So please, please open your mind and think about it. What use will it be if your child is a genius in history but has to study chemistry and all? With all due respect, I know you want the best for your child, but why not give them some chance to actually choose what they want, especially if it’s their future on the line?

One more thing : teachers and members of universities in Indonesia should also stop judging their up and coming students based on this stereotype. It is this mindset in lots of universities that actually trigger the existence of this stereotype.

At the end of the day, whatever major you choose, if you can’t truly maximize what you have in that major, then you can’t exactly find success. Choose your major wisely and develop the potentials that you have there. After all, your future is in your own hands. 🙂

PS : I’m unprotecting my Twitter account again due to request from my friends. Feel free to follow me! 🙂


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