After What Seems to Be a Million Light Years

Alright, I know the title of the post is overreacting, but if you go to a school with a gazillion assignments and tests like me and you count down each day you’d have to spend until the mid-term holidays, it’ll feel like a million light years.

Anyway, I’m right now on my mid-term holidays (yippie-yay!) for two and a half days (since I’d have to go to school at Wednesday afternoon to be interviewed to join the Student Council. Wish me luck!) and this feels like paradise.

There are assignments but do I care enough to work on them now? No.

I’ve been spending last weekend out of town at Jesi’s new house in Tangerang – which is super hard to find since it takes a lot of turning left and right to get there but totally an awesome place to spend the weekend.

After dinner, we took an evening walk around the area which is brightly lit and thus, quite safe for walking (and Jesi kn0ws a lot of people) and we even passed Jesi’s school which is really near her house.

The next day was the trip to Taman Bunga Nusantara at Cipanas and it took 4 hours – I repeat, FOUR HOURS – just to get to that place, even when we’ve hit the road early.

Really, driving at the mountains always make me want to throw up since there’s too many turns. But the view was worth it.

We even drove through a light fog which is super awesome when traffic has subsided. Even the windows seem to give off a certain chill.

Taman Bunga Nusantara was a wonderland for people who love taking photos like me and for photogenic people. There are plenty (and I mean plenty) of photo spots there and it’s great for a photo shoot – any kind of photo shoot. It’s quite well-kept so I won’t complain at all. And it’s really, really peaceful.

French garden. Straight out of the Renaissance era.

The name is said to be “handkerchief flower”, but I don’t really see this as handkerchief. At all.

Hesitated at first to give exploring this maze garden a try, but I finally gave in and explored anyway with Jesi and Tasha.

And we made it to the middle of the maze, which is beautifully filled with plant sculpture and birdbaths.

And then off we went, back to Jakarta, but the journey back isn’t that easy and smooth. It took 3 hours -THREE DAMN HOURS! – to simply descend the mountain and then it started raining. Eventually, the car came to a halt for quite a long time which is how I got this shot.

When we got to the highway, the traffic didn’t subside for too long. All in all it took 6 hours -SIX! – to get home. My cell phone was dead. The radio wouldn’t stop playing sad songs. It was raining. Yeah, a rainy ending to a wonderful day.

Anyway, the pain in the journey to and from the place was quite worth it because I got a lot of shots that I’ve never been prouder to shoot and that for me is already a blessing in itself, since I’ve never been this proud of any of my photos.

And if you notice my photos here are quite different than the previous ones, I played around and experimented with the brightness, contrast, saturation, and hue of them a little bit. Tee-hee.

Have a great week!


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