What Christmas Really Is About

Christmas is a time for getting gifts

It’s a time for happiness and parties

It’s a time for Christmas carols to be sung

But without all those things, will Christmas still be the same?

Christmas is a time to be grateful

For we have friends, family, and more than enough things to treasure

But if we lose all those things, will Christmas still be the same?

Will we still thank God or will we blame Him?

We’ve grown so used to measuring Christmas by the joy it gives us

We’ve forgotten its true meaning

When we have no Christmas trees nor presents

When things only go from bad to worse ’tis season

Christmas is not superficial

Christmas is the Lord coming to this world

To show us that we have Him

Despite our worries and troubles

Christmas is about cherishing what we have

No matter how little it is

It’s about sharing our love

It’s about being the light and bringing joy to others’ hearts

The questions is have we understood this meaning of Christmas?

Have we had enough faith to smile through the storm?

Have we cherished? Have we shared?

Have we brought joy to others?

Merry Christmas, everyone!

Enjoy your presents, rejoice!

But do not ever, ever forget what Christmas really is about

Taken from the poem I wrote to complement this year’s Christmas musical with slight alterations to accommodate it being simply written, not spoken. This is loosely based on my own Christmas this year without a Christmas tree or anything to bring some sort of Christmas feel and I was listening to the song Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas (which is my all-time favorite Christmas song) and reading through the musical script and this is what I got.

Merry Christmas everyone! 🙂


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