2012… And It’s Gone

The year that the world is supposed to end is almost over and we’re all still alive. Yippie-ka-yay. And this is the end of my post.

OK, it’s not. But I’m not here to talk about that failed doomsday prophecy or doomsday or the Mayans or anything related to it. Because 2012 is so much more than that. A lot has happened this year worldwide and a lot has happened to me personally. Losing someone, leaving something I’ve known so well, starting something new, first experiences, a new passion, self-discovery and lots more.

2012 is the year of transition – at least for me.

A transition from somewhere so familiar and safe and sure to somewhere completely new with many unfamiliar faces which requires plenty of adjustment. A transition to be more independent. A transition in dreams and targets. A transition to open-mindedness. A transition in who I am.

I believe that everyone goes through some sort of transition this year because at the end of the year, looking back, we can’t be the same person we started this year as.

Transition brings changes and changes bring lessons. And if you’re talking about lessons, this year’s definitely filled with lots of them, being a year of extreme highs and extreme lows.

Being under a lot of pressure this year (being the final exam year and all) and then going to senior high only to learn that there’s much more pressure as you grow older, I think I’m learning a lot about how life is just not life without any pressure whatsoever, without any stress to it, without any pain. We are humans and we adjust.

Leaving junior high to continue my education is a huge part of this year. It’s huge in a way that a chapter of my life has now actually ended. But then going to senior high, discovering new challenges and obstacles that constantly test me actually show me what I’m truly capable of. And this is a lesson, that we have to leave the place that we’re truly comfortable with in order to actually know what we can do.

Faith is a big issue for me because a lot of bad stuff happened this year and my faith has been put through tests. At times I prevail and other times I simply fail. But all those times – whether I prevail or fail – has taught me that God is always there for me and I can always look upon Him for comfort when the going gets tough, no matter how many times I let Him down. And I’m thankful, very thankful that He never stops loving me.

I’ve learned to always cherish what I have now, whoever I’m spending right now with because one day, we could all wake up and everything will be worse than where we are now.

I’ve learned that it’s always much better to speak up and let the negativity you feel out in a way – whether it’s doing your hobby or whatever – rather than bottling all up. I guess when we bottle up so much pain in our hearts, it’s easier to let it all out in a very bad way because we never speak up about the change we wish to see.

The most valuable lesson I learned this year is from the Christmas Eve sermon at church. Here it goes:

“We’re often well-known to people yet inside we feel estranged. We do not feel peace at home or within ourselves, yet we’re trying to make other people feel peace. But in order to share blessings to others, we must first be able to feel His blessings within us. In order to be happy for others, we must first be happy about ourselves. And often we find ourselves absorbed in preparing for Christmas (I guess this could be dubbed as doing daily stuff in our lives) that we forget to feel some joy within us. So always remember to be happy, feel happy inside, then share that happiness to others in what we say and what we do.”

These are the lessons I learned from 2012 and I’m thankful, more than thankful to learn them.

So screw “I want more good stuff coming to me in 2013” and all. The only way to learn lessons is when we’ve been through the good and the bad as well. Why not revise that sentence and say “I hope that whatever comes in 2013, I won’t stop being happy and thankful and keep a positive mind” instead?

Have a happy end-of-year, friends! 🙂


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