A Rainy Evening by the Sea


To be honest, I’d been wanting to have dinner at Segarra for quite a long time. A lot of my friends have been there and upon asking them and looking up reviews online, most of them seem to give quite a positive air to the place. But never once have I thought that I’d be there on a rainy day after discovering that my family’s first restaurant choice had been jam-packed with people.

But that’s exactly what happened today.

Segarra Beach Club is a restaurant/lounge situated inside Ancol, North Jakarta. The restaurant itself aims to give patrons the feeling of being on holiday, escaping the hustle and bustle of Jakarta even though it’s still inside Jakarta’s territory.

My first thought when I arrived at the place was how clean it was and how it was clearly designated to a more classy crowd, ones wearing semi-formal attire and such. I looked down at my T-shirt, shorts, and flip flops. Definitely not classy.

The interior is mostly dominated by the color of white and glass walls, giving it the illusion of being spacious. The first area of the restaurant that you would encounter upon arriving is the semi-outdoor dining area, which glass walls give you the view of the playground, outdoor area and the sea. The playground is basically a massive green field with two tiny slides at the side. Because it was rainy today, the outdoor area was empty and I wasn’t able to explore it. But through the glass, I could see wooden benches and dining tables surrounded with white umbrellas. There was also a spot that looked to be a small pier (or maybe it was just a path) illuminated with dim lights.

Because the semi-outdoor dining area was full, we were seated in a private lounge area at the side of the playground, opposite what looked to be a greenhouse with candle lights inside it. Upon researching, I’ve discovered that it was called a pergola. Sitting outside actually gave me much more liberty to react towards the sights and taste, taking photos of them without the curious or judgmental looks from others.




Here’s the view from my seat

The atmosphere of the place itself is quite relaxing and for a moment there, I actually felt like I was on vacation somewhere. The sound of raindrops contributed in providing this feeling as well – although the music is blasted quite too loud for comfort. I wasn’t really a fan of the Indian music they kept putting on too. Thankfully, the music later changed for the better to some vintage English tunes.

And finally, it was time to dig into the food. For the appetizer, we had a Fried Platter for IDR 118.000. The platter consisted of sweet potato and potato chips, deep fried calamari, roti canai, deep fried dory, deep fried prawn glazed with mayonnaise, deep fried mushroom, vegetable spring roll, and a cheese crusty crisp with tartar dip sauce.


I was stunned by the non-oily taste of everything in the platter. Most of the stuff here are deep-fried, yet they don’t taste oily or flaky at all. They were all crisp and just right. The standouts in the platter for me were the spring rolls, mushroom, and the chips. Although filled with vegetables, I tasted no bitterness that I would think to find in the spring roll. The cooks also succeeded in deep-frying the mushroom without any oily taste whatsoever nor the flour being overpowering. The chips were also well-cooked, not leaving a dry feeling in your throat and captured the original flavors of the sweet potatoes and potatoes so well. The rest of the platter was OK for me, though my least favorite would have to be the prawns because they were glazed with too much of the sweet mayonnaise.

And now for the main course. We ordered a special Sharing Platter (IDR 750.000 for 4 people) which was available only for this holiday season. The platter came with free drinks and dessert. For the main course itself, there were sushi, lobster, ribs, grilled chicken, mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes, and more of the potato chips.





The platter also came with six condiments: barbecue sauce, what tasted like curry sauce, mushroom sauce, black pepper sauce, chili sauce, and a special sushi sauce.

If appetizer was good, the main course was quite brilliant. The grilled chicken and the ribs were both juicy and tender. It had never been easier for me to cut through a rib before. No need to struggle with the knife to cut through the chicken either. I willed myself to try the sushi as well. Being a sushi hater, this one actually tasted quite good although the acidity from the rice vinegar was a bit too much for my liking. But the star of the dish was definitely the lobster. I had never eaten a lobster before and I’m glad my first time was in this place. The lobster was an explosion of flavors, cooked with melted cheese and having a carbonara taste to it without losing the original taste of the itself. Brilliant, absolutely brilliant. The mashed potatoes were also just right – not too soft and not too hard, although I found a strand of hair in it. As for the chips, I strongly wish they came in bags that I could bring home for snacking.

Finally, we topped the dinner with a Christmas Ice Cream that came with the Christmas package.


This is easily one of the best ice creams I’ve ever tasted. The texture was wonderful and it didn’t taste too creamy like most ice creams do. The taste of the cream and the strawberry flavors were balanced just right and the pieces of strawberry, raisins, and marshmallows add some explosive flavors to the dessert. Definitely a great way to end the night.

As for the drinks, the Christmas package at Segarra came with a mocktail that went by the name of Javanese Park and was available for this season only.


The mocktail was a mix of ginger ale, strawberries, oranges, and lime. As someone who hates soda, this drink doesn’t really suit my taste buds and the acidity is just too much for me. But my dad who’s a soda lover quite liked the drink so you can take to his opinion for it.

Overall, it was a fantastic dining experience like I’ve never had before. It was not only the food and the atmosphere of the place that made me feel like I wasn’t in Jakarta, but it was also the politeness of the waiters who put up with my tackiness of asking them things, taking photos, and scribbling down pieces of information in my notebook. We were also supposedly not allowed to take pictures in the restaurant. I read a review that said the security guards would be suspicious when you have a digital camera in hand, let alone someone like me bringing a DSLR camera inside. But the waiters were fine with that – when I asked them to take a picture of us, they were even fine with doing so. They also took to our remarks very well. It was the kind of polite without being nosy and annoying, just right.

The courses also came out at the right times. The appetizer came out first and when we were almost done with it was when the main course came out. A lot of restaurants rush the course order, not giving patrons enough time to savor their appetizers. It didn’t happen here.

One major negative point here is that there are quite a lot of mosquitoes in the outdoor area at night. I’m scratching myself while typing this post. But being in a tropical country, we can’t avoid things like that so that’s tolerable.

Although it was raining and the experience that I had wouldn’t be the same as the ones who had a sunny day to accompany them, it was definitely a pleasant one. Giving four stars to this restaurant and looking forward for a next visit.

Ps : along with this post, I’m introducing a new category in my blog: FOOD! I’m looking forward to share and save my culinary experience here. See you next year with more food posts!


2 thoughts on “A Rainy Evening by the Sea

    1. The portions were actually really big! The appetizer can quite already fill up our tummies. Haha. Yes, it was beautiful. Too bad it was rainy so I couldn’t take in 100% of its beauty. 😦


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