“There’s Still Plenty of Fish in the Sea”

I know. The saying on this post’s title is way too mainstream. Everyone has said it too much already to the point that it sounds like total crap. But only just last week did I discover that this saying really means something.

I went fishing last week with my dad and his friend. After making a few small catches and quite a big one, I wanted to catch that patin fish (I honestly don’t know the English term for this, some call it ‘silver catfish’) that everyone’s been talking about. Eventually, I did have one hooked to my bait. But just as I was reeling it in and it was already near enough for me to pull it out of the water, it jumped and went back into the water. I was really disappointed about that because I was so close to really catching the fish and it just went away like that.

As I was waiting for another fish to get interested with my bait, that’s when the revelation hit me. When it comes to life, we are often times like that. We would get so close to a certain target and then one way or another, something might fail and that target/dream/whatever it is slips out of our grasp and out of our reach. And that’s when the disappointment hits and you’re kind of wondering whether you’re ever going to make such a good catch again.

But you know what? There really is still plenty of fish in the sea. After the patin fish went away, I moved over to another pond and that’s when the coolest thing happened: two huge fishes were literally clinging on my hook. One was a gigantic Nile tiapia and the other was an even bigger patin than the last one. I reeled those two in with so much effort and didn’t let them go at all. My arms hurt but boy was I happy with the catch.

And so it goes for real life. Sometimes, something bad happens in order to make way for something better to come along. That earlier patin got off, but I got an even bigger one and another big fish in exchange. In life, we might have to experience losing something in order for something better to come along our way. We might need to let something go in order for an even bigger thing to head toward us. We’re going to be disappointed, sad, and perhaps we might lose a lot of hope when that happens – but the inexplicable joy of finally getting a better thing than the last will make up for those feelings.

The same goes for love. Guys and girls, we might have to let someone who we thought would be the one in order for the real one to open the door into our lives. We’re going to have our hearts broken, yes. But the joy that the better person will bring will make up for that.

So if you’re still dwelling over the catch that got away – whether it’s a dream/target/person – well, we have to move on. We’re just going to have to live with the fact that we won’t get them back and keep our hearts and heads opened. We’re going to find something or someone new who will be worth fighting for and they will be better than whatever it is that got away. And we will be happier. Even the most depressing times won’t last forever.

There’s still plenty of fish in the sea, this I’m sure of. But I’d like to add a few words to the saying. There’s still plenty of fish in the sea, and those fishes will be better than the one that got away.

Keep moving forward, everyone. Cheers!


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