Previously (Almost) Hidden Shots

Hello there!

I was browsing through my photos just now when I spotted a folder containing pictures from one photo shoot I did last year while visiting my aunt on the outskirts of Jakarta. I almost forgot that I did this photo shoot and how valuable these photos are until I recently discovered them. And upon further research, it turns out I’ve never uploaded any of these shots except on Facebook. Almost a year since the photo shoot, I thought these photos ought to be shared with the world because these depict what life is like for a lot of Indonesians – and definitely in contrast from the kind of life you mostly see on my blog (i.e. dining in major restaurants, going to parties, etc.)

(I encourage you to play this song while looking through the photos as I was typing the post along with this song)



After the shoot, I played a little soccer with these guys. Of course, I made an undeniably horrible soccer player.



This little guy was so much fun to shoot with as he was incredibly photogenic.




And this little girl was so hard to shoot as she was so shy and ran away when she saw the lens pointed at her. This shot was a lucky one.

All these kids don’t walk around with iPads or go to malls every once in a while like most kids in Jakarta do. They flew kites, chased each other, played soccer with a plastic ball in flip-flops. But there was one thing I noticed from them that I hardly notice in the big city anymore: pure happiness as they were playing. Taking photos of them brought happiness to myself and even now, looking back at these shots, I still feel plenty of contentment I continuously seek.

Seriously, looking at these shots is like re-visiting them again which is a nice thing to feel when you’re working multiple projects at a time.

I had a long conversation about how life’s been with Julius earlier today and I took this from our conversation: money is going to buy you a lot of things. But if there are a few things money can’t buy, they are the things that matter most in our lives, which are love and true happiness.

And so I decided to give this untitled photo shoot a title. I call it “Happiness, Actually”

I hope these photos give contentment and happiness to you all as well!

Ps: I recently had some of my photos used without my permission nor any credits given to me. I’d like to save how I feel about that for another post. But if you do like these photos and want to use them, please contact me beforehand. That would make me so incredibly happy as opposed to how depressed I feel when people use my shots without permission. Thank you!


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