Goldilocks’ Porridge and More – Soerabi Enhaii Rawamangun

Hi there!

I apologize for the lack of content lately as school and other business have been eating up my social life (even my friends have been complaining about my lack of socializing.) Saturdays are no exception. This Saturday, my friends and I decided to work on our Learn from Others project – the story of which will be posted later. Due to an early start of the day and me waking up late as usual, I skipped breakfast and hunger hit me after the project.

Fortunately, skipping breakfast that morning actually led to the discovery of this particularly nice breakfast spot: Soerabi Enhaii & Batagor Ihsan.

For those who are not familiar, soerabi is an Indonesian food that is something like pancake, but more chubby whereas batagor is like a mixture of fish or other meat that is deep fried.

Anyway, the restaurant itself is a typical Indonesian restaurant with plastic red chairs and wooden tables. The restaurant has some special seats with cafe umbrellas right next to its kitchen. Walk inside a bit and you’ll find yourself in the semi-outdoor smoking area which is heavily dominated by the color red and yellow. Finally, at the back of the restaurant, there’s an air-conditioned dining area and a prayer hall for Moslems.



The surrounding area of the building is surrounded by a lot of green. There were a lot of trees and bushes here and there. Add the pre-rush hour calmness and some 80s music playing softly in the background to this fact and you have yourself a perfect breakfast condition.

But of course, a breakfast wouldn’t be complete without the food. Since, I was super hungry, I started by feast with Bubur Ayam Barito Telur (Barito Chicken Porridge with Eggs) which is affordable for IDR 17.000.


This is basically porridge with a hard-boiled egg, pieces of chicken, fried bread sticks, some cheese sticks, a bit of green onion and of course some salty soy sauce to tie its components together.

Enhaii’s porridge is truly a nice warm porridge for breakfast – the kind Goldilocks would like. The flavors of every component come together nicely although you’re going to need to mix these components properly or you’ll find yourself tasting blandness at some points and too much salt at another.

You can’t go to a place that serves soerabi without trying its soerabi. So I decided to give the restaurant’s new menu – Soerabi with Oreo and Strawberry Ice Cream (IDR 22.000) a try.


I was kind of surprised at first that the portion was this small and there’s only one soerabi on the plate. But it was actually satisfying enough for the tummy.

It’s not the most beautiful dish presentation-wise because the ice cream melts so quickly in the tropical climate. But let me tell you something, this dessert has to come from heaven or somewhere near that. The warmth of the soerabi meets the cold strawberry ice cream and add the roughness of the chunky Oreo pieces to those things and boom! You have yourself an amazing dessert. It tastes so much like cookies and cream ice cream mixed with some warm flavors at first, but then the original taste of soerabi kicks in and tones it down.

The best way for me to describe this dish to those who don’t know soerabi is that it’s basically something like cookies and cream pancake.

As for the drink, I went for Guava Juice (IDR 17.000) which tastes like it comes from nature itself. I didn’t taste any added sugar whatsoever – it’s pure guava goodness.


Hooray for a healthy drink!

A dish I would recommend for you (and I both) to try would be the Nasi Bakar Ayam Bandung (Bandung Roasted Rice with Chicken). I took a spoon of it from Dad and to be honest, I’ve never tasted any roasted rice so wonderful in my life until that point.

Do give it a try!

Overall, it was a breakfast experience worth every penny of it. The food was delightful and the mood was fitting and the price didn’t make holes in my pockets.

Three stars for this restaurant!



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