Hotel Review : Puri Wisata Legian

Legian is known to be one of the busiest parts of Bali. The night club scene is alive there and teenage tourists frequent the area to party every night. So if I told you that there’s a quiet fortress amid this area, would you believe me?

I just came back from my seven-day trip to Bali (again) with my family (again) and we spent our first night there in Puri Wisata Legian. Located near Double Six Beach, next to Jaya Pub and not too far from the clothing kiosks on the streets of Legian, you’d expect this hotel not to be immune from the hustle and bustle of Legian’s nightlife. But spending a night here showed me a contrast situation from Legian’s party scene.

Puri Wisata Legian is an old hotel, two stories high with a swimming pool, a very vintage theme, and a really tall wall surrounding the hotel area to make it a quiet fortress. Most of its architecture are based on Balinese traditional architecture with gapura and red bricks whereas the decor mostly consists of trinkets from the past with various colors clashing with each other.

In other words, the hotel is a traditional building with an effortlessly whimsical decor. However, this is what makes the hotel feel like a house. It didn’t feel like staying in a hotel, it felt more of staying in someone’s house.


(Swimming pool)



(Our towel looked like this when we arrived)


(Vintage ashtray)


(Wooden chaise with baby blue pillow)


(Breakfast area with hanging paper lanterns)



(The hotel lobby has bird cages, Chinese vases, wooden benches and tables, and a fish tank)

I couldn’t help but notice how they combined the old trinkets with new furniture and create their own interior style in such an effortless manner. The chaise was old but they put a blue pillow on it. There were gigantic rattan seats by the pool with grey cushion on top of it. The pool umbrella was a traditional Balinese one, but they put a lantern beneath it.

The decorative decisions truly created a feast for the eyes.

As for the rooms, they were unfortunately rather dreary. We stayed in the family suite with two double beds, a kitchen, a bathroom, two couches, a glass coffee table, air conditioner and a cable TV. The room was dimly lit and its tones consist of grey and brown – which is a sad tone. There were no splashes of color in the room at all.

The bathroom was also the worst bathroom I’ve ever had to use in a hotel. There wasn’t a toilet spray and the bathtub looked like something that got cracked and was hastily fixed with plaster. However, the sink area was marvelous because it was so brightly lit and had three mirrors so it was really easy to do make up there.

In spite of not having the best room conditions, the hotel can boast itself on the friendliness of their staffs. They responded well to guests’ requests and complaints and treated each of the guests like family. The kitchen staff in particular don’t only cook food and carry breakfast trays to you, but they also fix broken bracelets, ask you where you come from, laugh to your jokes, say hi to you even though you’re just passing the breakfast area, and  clean tables carefully.

What the hotel staffs had was sincerity to do things beyond their duties which is something a lot of hotel staffs have been lacking.

Overall, it was only a one-night stay at Puri Wisata, but it had a lasting impression on me – and I mean it. The concierge said that the hotel will be renovated as soon as they have the funds, hopefully maintaining its homey ambiance yet refurbishing the rooms.


+++ : interesting and whimsical decor, homey ambiance, staff friendliness and sincerity, located at quite a crowded area, maintaining calmness and quiet amid the scene, has a lot of facilities despite being old, bike rental available

– – – : dreary and dimly lit room – sometimes to the point where it gets spooky, no toilet spray in the bathroom, tiny parking lot

Occupants : old couples, families with children


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