Hotel Review : Manah Liang Bungalows

Munduk is in area in Bali that only few would like to visit, let alone stay in. It’s an area located on the higher grounds of Central Bali surrounded by mountains. The roads leading here are winding and it takes about 4-5 hours to get here from the crowded Southern region of Bali. And once you get here… guys, you’d be lucky just to get some cell phone reception. There are only a number of restaurants and hotels in the area and driving at night would give your heart a race as there are no street lamps at all.

Guess what? We spent two nights at Munduk.

You’re probably thinking, “what the hell are you doing, going to the middle of nowhere and then staying there?” I’d been wondering about that too before I got there. But if I could tell you something about the two nights I spent at Munduk is that they were the most clarifying, detoxifying two nights of my life.

Over the course of two nights, we stayed at Manah Liang Bungalows located – as TripAdvisor put it – “on a curve in the road, opposite a village food store, Munduk, Bali.” That’s the funniest address I’ve ever seen on TripAdvisor.

Anyway, the bungalows complex was huge with sloping roads made out of concrete and it took quite some walking to get from one bungalow to another. The grounds were surrounded by trees and grasses and some areas were still dark at night time. The bungalows themselves were traditional bungalows with walls made out of bamboo and concrete and wooden floorboards that creak. They were a bit dated, but they had the most comfortable bed ever (even better than my bed at home!) and each bungalow would get an incredible view of sunrise and sunset.


(This is the view from the balcony)


(The only place you could get cell phone reception)


(Twin beds)


(Extra bed at a space above the twin bed area)



(Master bedroom)


(Open air bath tub)



We stayed at the family bungalow which had three twin beds and one king-sized bed. Each bed was equipped with its own mosquito netting hanging above it which could be draped around the bed because at night time… let’s just say that after staying here you’ll be friends with creepy crawlies.

Hot water was (thankfully) abundant although you can’t use the bath tub due to its unhygienic state. The bathroom was a kind of semi-outdoor bathroom with one side of the wall absent. Imagine taking a night shower at 800 meters above sea level and with moths flying around you. That’s kind of what showering there felt like.

And did you notice anything while scrolling through those photos above? That’s right. There’s no television here! Nope, not even a single TV set at the restaurant. There’s also no wi-fi and the only place to get some cell phone reception is at the terrace outside. However, ye shalt not worry about not being able to charge your phone because there are a lot of electric plugs inside the bungalow. You also don’t have to worry about getting bored because the hotel has multiple classes and trekking packages for guests. You could attend their cooking, dancing, and music classes or hike to a lake or a waterfall by paying an extra amount of money.

Don’t worry about being lonely here too because the staffs here are so friendly, they actually made me a friendlier person too. Each morning, we’d get a good morning from the gardeners and then the waiter at the restaurant would ask where we were headed to. Each night, there are several hotel staffs standing by at a couple of path corners to point you out to the right direction because it could get so dark at night. Heck, they’re so nice that they gave us a restaurant recommendation for dinner which was actually at another bungalows complex nearby! (But I kind of don’t like Manah Liang’s food too since they’re a bit overpriced so I thank them so much for leading me to some incredible food.)

Earlier at this post, I mentioned something about the stay at Manah Liang was the most detoxifying stay at a hotel. Why? It’s mostly owed to the fact that the condition there holds you back from constantly checking your electronic devices. If there were a TV, I wouldn’t have noticed the beauty of the sunrise and sunsets there. I wouldn’t have noticed the gazillion amount of stars making their appearance at night time. I wouldn’t have been just sitting at the terrace to breathe the fresh air in. I wouldn’t have noticed the pretty lights from the houses along the hills. I wouldn’t have noticed the farmers living across our bungalow starting their day.

In short, the lack of technology made me stop and smell the roses.

It was a detox of mind to see all these things and find that hey! Life is not at all bad. There’s plenty of things to be grateful for. Forget your TV, reality is playing around you.

Honestly, if I could teleport, I would love to teleport here every time I feel stressed, because sometimes, it takes going to the middle of nowhere to find everything that matters.


+++ : no TV, no wi-fi, gorgeous view, friendly staff, abundant hot water, super comfy beds, mosquito nets, classes and trekking packages available

– – – : semi-outdoor bathroom, dirty bath tub, a lot of creepy crawlies, paths get dark at night, overpriced food

Occupants : foreigners galore! There were absolutely no locals here. They’re all mostly couples and families with kids.

You can read about this destination, get an offline map of it, and learn more about Bali in my Bali for the Family Guidebook App available at Apple App Store.

Bali for the Family

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