Hungry in the Middle of Nowhere at 7 PM – Made Oka

When you’re staying at a mountainous area, surrounded by a lot of vegetation with only one strip of road, you can’t really expect a crowded nightlife there. Heck, everything closes down at 5 PM. So when it’s 7 PM at the mountains and you’re sick of your hotel’s dinner menu but you’re incredibly hungry, what do you do?

Take the recommendation from the hotel staff, of course.

As I mentioned in my review of Manah Liang Bungalows, we got a recommendation of a good place to grab dinner from the hotel staff. They said Made Oka was a great place and it was only 100 meters downhill to the right of our hotel. Since we had no other options, we went for it anyway.

The drive at night was nerve-wrecking because there were no streetlights and there’s a forest on one side of the road but a cliff leading to the abyss on the other side. The roads turned sharply and they were all narrow. That was a drive I wouldn’t want to repeat.

But we eventually made it to Made Oka which turned out to be a B&B’s restaurant.

Made Oka has an incredibly rustic yet romantic semi-outdoor dining area with oddly-shaped wooden tables and chairs. The dining area overlooks the mountains which were just black cone shapes at night. I was relieved to have the company of my family because all the other patrons were couples and they were all holding hands and looking at each other and it would have been sad to be there alone. I mean, there was this French guy sitting alone at the restaurant and he kept asking for more beer until he started slurring words to himself. How sad.

Anyway, the restaurant serves Western, Indonesian, and Indian food so whichever is your favorite, you’re in for a treat. Here’s what I had that night.

Lemon Tea (Rp8.500)


The drink tasted more like lemonade. It was very sour without the sugar and the tea flavors was so weak. I suggest pouring the entire sugar packet into the tea so you can drink it without cringing.

Garlic Prawn (Rp60.000)


This was Made Oka’s special that day and when I spotted it, I thought “oh, seafood at the mountains, this would be cool” so I ordered it. The decision turned out right as it was a great dish.

The prawns were cooked perfectly and you could taste the garlic without it being overpowering to the dish. They were sauteed with butter and garlic and skewered for ease in eating but I’d much rather they cook it without the skewers. The vegetables were brilliant! In Jakarta, dishes like these would be served with recently-heated frozen vegetables but in Bali, they served the dish with real vegetables. The carrots, beans, and cauliflowers were all sauteed in butter and had a bit of crunch. The potato wedges were also not oily nor flaky.

Overall, it was a great dinner in a cozy place. The staffs were all chatty too and didn’t mind answering our weird questions (including “is this real wood?” while pointing at the table). I’m glad we followed the recommendation of the hotel staff or else we wouldn’t have found this place. Do grab dinner here if you happen to be at Munduk!

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