I Rode a Stallion

The only time I’ve ever rode a horse in my entire life before 2014 was when I want to this one place in Bandung and I rode a pony around a little playground. That was it. Never, have I ever thought that the next time I would ride a horse, it won’t be just another horse. It would be a stallion.

On our sixth day in Bali, we kind of ran out on ideas of what to do We were going to enter the Bali highway (to check an item on my bucket list – to go through Bali’s incredibly beautiful highway that is) when we thought to go on a short detour to Serangan. I didn’t quite remember what was the background of this impromptu decision but we went there anyway. The area didn’t feel like Bali. It was rather empty with dry trees everywhere and locals’ houses. It was there that we spotted this sign that said “Bali Star Adventure – Horse Riding” and so we thought, hey, why not try to ride a horse.

Being the impulsive family that we are, we went ahead for it.


When I saw my sister, my cousin, and my friend got on the horse one by one, I thought “yeah, these horses look better than the last horse I rode”. But then the guide took my horse – Boy, if I’m not mistaken – out and I thought “what the hell have I gotten myself into? This horse is ginormous.”

It was already a challenge just to get on the horse. The guide said, “it’s easy, it’s just like getting on a motorcycle”. Let me tell you that no, it was not. It took me twice just to find some momentum to swing my leg across the saddle.




Things got a lot easier once you get on the horse though. Boy was compliant and gosh, his mane was beautiful. I don’t know what shampoo they treat those horses with but all the horses’ manes are smoother than my hair.

My guide was a friendly guy and during the hour I spent riding the stallion, he kept a conversation with me about football, awesome beaches in Bali, tourism, horses, animal care, and a lot more things. I really like it when I meet someone new and we could just launch into a conversation about practically anything. And honestly, keeping a conversation going took my mind off the fact that I was riding a huge stallion that could throw me off his back at any given time. (Call me pessimistic but I always think about the worst possible scenario of things so I can come up with a plan to handle it.)

Along the ride, we passed people’s villages and went to the main road of Serangan. And we stopped by a turtle conservation center.

At Serangan, there is a turtle conservation center funded by the government where they protect turtles’ eggs, wait for them to hatch, keep the baby sea turtles who can’t make it to the ocean yet, and keep the sick turtles.

Has anyone ever told you how adorable baby sea turtles are?

We toured around the place for a while. It was small and aside from government funding, it relies on donations and volunteers to keep the place going. If you happen to be at Serangan, even if you’re not riding a horse, you should visit this place and donate or volunteer if you’re planning to stay in Bali for a long time. Those baby turtles are too adorable not to be conserved.

After the visit, it was time to continue the ride and our next stop was the beach.




The beach wasn’t a typical paradise kind of beach with powder-white sand clear blue sea. On the contrary, the coast was filled with reefs and seaweeds. But the wind was nice and the sea was beautiful and it’s not so bad after all.

During this ride along the coast, my guide asked me if I wanted to let go and control my horse on my own. My answer was a no. Boy kept straying towards the sea and splashing himself with salt water and the last thing I wanted was for him to run full on into the ocean with me on his back.

Before we went back to the stables, we went through this area which was supposedly a mangrove forest. But it didn’t look like a mangrove forest at all. It was this vast area of land with dry bushes and thorny trees which looked… miserable.

After an hour of riding the stallion, we made it back to the stables

For USD65/person, I honestly felt the ride was overpriced. We could get a better package somewhere else. But at least it’s clear that the amount of money we paid will go off to the treatment of the horses because they all looked strong and are a long way from malnourished. However, USD65 doesn’t really do justice for the route that we went through.

If you’re on a budget but you want to ride a horse in Bali, then I suggest you go to Canggu to find better horse-riding deals. But if USD65 doesn’t sound expensive for you, then go ahead and book this package so you’ll get to ride a stallion for an hour.


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