My Bali Guidebook App is Here!

Imagine traveling to Bali like you’ve never traveled before – exploring areas that not a lot of people have been to, hanging out where the locals do, and having the time of your life while you’re at it. Okay, what’s the first issue you could think of when you imagine that? Is it the amount of research it must take to have this experience? Is it the time you’re going to have to spend fixated at your computer screens, trying to sift through information and figuring out which one is legitimate? Is it the frustration of coming across sites in the local language which you have to translate to yours?

If these are the things holding you back from taking that dream trip, then I have something that just might be the answer for you: my Bali guidebook app made in collaboration with Favoroute. (Yes, I still can’t believe that this is real.)


You have an app? What is in it?

Great question.

This app is called “Bali – Family Travel Guide” and it essentially contains all the information I’ve got from my four round-trips to Bali with my family. Everything I recommend in this app, I’ve experienced myself so you can be sure that the information is legitimate. Furthermore, having gone through the best and worst that Bali has to offer, I can assure you that everything I recommend is hand-picked from the best things I’ve experienced in Bali. It is literally Bali’s best of the best guide for traveling with your kids aged 6-17 (or older!)

But, just because the title says “Family” doesn’t mean that solo travelers can’t enjoy it too. If you’re looking to go off the beaten path in Bali without taking part in its nightlife and whatnot, this is also suitable for you.

So what is inside the app?

1. Your introduction to Bali

Introduction page

(And yes, the cover picture is a silhouette of me and my family)

Before we jump in on all the fun stuff, we’re going to cover the basics first. In the first few pages, I’ve given the basics of traveling to Bali such as the best time of the year to visit, emergency contacts, how to get around Bali, and a link to where you can check for your country’s visa requirement.

2. My day-to-day itinerary for a trip to Bali

Day Descriptions

This feature was the one that I really poured my heart into and worked hardest on.

I’ve designed a day-to-day itinerary of what to do in Bali and when to do it, factoring time taken to travel between each place in the itinerary and its distance. I’ve also designed the trip in such a way that the more adventurous and energy-consuming days alternate with more relaxed days so no one will feel too burned out from the trip. With descriptions of my plan for each day, I’ve included contact information and photos of each place in the itinerary and the Favoroute team has attached a map of the location.

3. A detailed offline map of Bali powered by Google Maps

Offline Map

(And yes, that’s a sneak peek of my itinerary)

This is literally the coolest feature of the app. Bali – Family Travel Guide has an offline map of Bali in it so even if you find yourself without internet connection, you can still access the map. The map is powered by Google Maps so you can be sure that it’s 100% legitimate and updated. Another thing is that the map shows you what your route looks like for the trip.

4.  Interactive Q&A Feature


So, now that you have the information I’ve gathered from my trips to Bali, does this mean you can’t have a say? Absolutely no.

In Bali – Family Travel Guide, there’s a special page which includes the link to my profile on Favoroute and my blog where you can ask questions about the guide. Furthermore, you can also notify me and Favoroute’s team about points of interest that have closed down or are not as good as I told you they are.

These are the four main features of Bali – Family Travel Guide, but I think the coolest part is that your one download of the app will guarantee you access to all of its updates. This means that if I were to update my guidebook with more information or changing up some content in it, you will be the first to know with the app without needing to download the guidebook again. Not only that, but every information you see on the guidebook is available offline. Yes, without internet connection, you can still access everything in the app (except the interactive features, of course).

So what’s the story behind the app?

Since making the big decision to focus on travel-related content on my blog in 2012, I’ve always had a dream of collaborating with an international company to share my travel experiences in hopes to help other travelers as well. Some time in 2015, an Amsterdam-based company called Favoroute reached out to me and asked if I were interested in being one of their travel designers – bloggers sharing information in the form of guides for other travelers.

If you asked me how surreal it felt when I read the email for the first time, it honestly felt like it wasn’t real.

After a Skype call, plenty of emails, a trip to Bali, and several nights of losing sleep, the first version of my guidebook app was finally ready to launch in Apple App Store in February 2016. And upon receiving the first screenshots of the app from the Favoroute team, I actually started crying. Yes, it was that emotional.

Some of you may be wondering why I didn’t launch the app that month. That is a really good question and there are several reasons for that. First and foremost, I haven’t had access to a gadget with iOS until recently. When I finally did, I still had to get several issues with the iOS update sorted to finally get the app. This is what happens when you have no clue how Apple works. Another reason is that I recently made several changes with the contents of the app, adding information from my latest trip to Bali to make sure that the information that people get are fresh.


Where can I download the app? And is it free?

For the time being, Bali – Family Travel Guide is only available on the Apple App Store. However, if you’re an Android user, be on the lookout because we will be launching the app on Google Play Store really, really soon and I’ll let you know as soon as it’s released.

And as for the cost, unfortunately it’s not free. You can buy the guidebook app for 6.99 Euros – a decent price considering the features you’re getting and how much information is in the guidebook (which I have to remind you will be updated from time to time without needing to download the app again!) Plus, through buying the guidebook app, you’re also helping me out in covering my expenses as a college student and travel blogger so I can keep doing both and share more information with you along the way.


The app is now part of the Favoroute app which is available to download in the link below for Apple and Android users!

So, if you’re looking for a trip to Bali with your family like no other without needing to go through the hassle of researching for the trip, click on the link below to download my Bali – Family Travel Guide guidebook app.

Download link


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