Last Sunset in Paradise

At last, we have come to the end of the year 2014. In the spirit of ending the year, I present you the last post regarding this year’s summer in Bali. On my previous trip to Bali, I spent the last day there hanging on a beach that few have heard of all day, waiting for […]

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I Rode a Stallion

The only time I’ve ever rode a horse in my entire life before 2014 was when I want to this one place in Bandung and I rode a pony around a little playground. That was it. Never, have I ever thought that the next time I would ride a horse, it won’t be just another […]

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The Cultural Side of Bali

Hello everyone! Sorry for the extremely long hiatus. In between applying for university, organizing a huge event, organizing a travel itinerary for a school trip, meetings, and working out… you could say blogging has gone down to somewhere near the bottom of my priority list right now. But being busy just makes me miss traveling […]

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Chasing Dolphins

I think whenever someone who’s been to Bali or has done research about Bali hears the word “Lovina”, they will immediately relate that word to dolphins. Lovina is advertised by almost every travel brochure or travel map of Bali as the go-to spot to watch dolphins and enjoy the sunrise. My family and I don’t […]

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